Sunday, 6 November 2016

Zombie Print Book

Thought you guys might like to see my little zombie art book.

'I'm a Midtown Zombie!' Got this when I went to Midtown Comics in New York City last year. Loved it there.
Zombie Book Mark from 
 Night of the Living Dead girl by Jason Miller Art -
Maggie Thatcher Zombie Print bought for me by Kayleigh Powis.
Walker art by Jason Miller Art (see above).

Another print given to me by Kayleigh Powis.

[Television] The Walking Dead - Season 7, Episode 2 "The Well"

Absolutely loved this episode to be honest.

I have had a fair few people tell me it was boring after the first episode. Well, I'm sorry, but you cannot have killings like that every week. It's unrealistic. That would not happen in the zombie apocalypse, and if it did EVERYONE would be dead by now.
If anything, we deserved a toned down episode after that blow (pardon the pun) from last week. Episode 1 ripped our hearts out, we need time to repair and come back from that, right?

Also, how could you consider episode 2 to be boring? Did you not see that beautiful tiger, Shiva? We were introduced to the amazing character, Ezekiel and his tiger, yet that was boring? I think Ezekiel is definitely an instant favourite of mine. He looks exactly like to comic book and he is just so cool! I love how in the first episode he is in he completely opens up to Carol and we see (what I presume people who have not read the comics would assume) that he is not an arrogant man who calls himself 'King' - there is so much more to him. He seems honest and genuine so far and I really, really like his character. I love Shiva, of course, she is so majestic and really done well with CGI.

Carol is slightly annoying me, is she going a bit loopy? Probably.

I think Morgan seems happier in the Kingdom as opposed to Alexandria.

Can't wait for the next episode!!

Sunday, 30 October 2016

The Walking Dead Graphic Novel Volume #26, Call to Arms.

I was starting to get a bit bored with the Walking Dead graphic novels - shocker, I know. But this volume. Wow. Just wow. It really brought my love for the comics flooding back. The story was brilliant and not boring at all. 

I'm going to say *spoilers* here... so, you've been warned.

Rick is getting weak and I hate that... he's just pathetic and useless. He has been beaten up too many times and he is just (physically) far beyond his years. It sucks. He is no longer the hero we all loved and it is upsetting. 
Carl is growing up and becoming leader material.
Eugene has found someone on the radio he fixed... I'm looking forward to this story line - I hope it's a new bunch of people.
Michonne seems to be coming out of her depression.
Andrea is cool as always... as is Maggie.
And then there's Negan...
Well his character has (sort of) turned the tables and he seems... cool? I can't believe I'm saying that. Although, what he did to Alpha, is this going to bring the war with the whisperers even closer??

[Graphic Novel] iZombie, Repossession, Volume 4

Volume four is the last of the series and well, I was slightly disappointed.
I read that due to the series being cancelled the writers were rushed to complete the fourth volume. Ultimately, rushing the ending and making me feel like it wasn't on par with the previous three volumes.

Yes, I am saying that I did not like the ending of iZombie. Gutted.

I thought the whole concept was absolutely brilliant. I loved the characters, I thought they were perfect, funny and very well thought out. The idea of the zombie telling the story, again, it's an original idea with huge potential. I just do not understand how it got cancelled, I really enjoyed everything. The art work is beautiful, too. 

Such a solid basis for a top notch comic. Thus, I feel the cancellation and sudden rush for a conclusion hindered the overall ending, which I feel could have been so much different. It felt like a bit of a cop out. It was odd, and although it slightly made sense, it also did not. 

I would recommend this series though, brilliant read with excellent characters, plot, and art work.

[Television] Fear The Walking Dead - Season 1

Right so I didn't do a post episode per episode because I wasn't sure how this series was going to be. Low and behold I watched the whole series in one sitting - I was hooked. All six episodes smashed in one go.

It's based in the same universe as The Walking Dead but from the beginning. I love this because in the Walking Dead with Rick being in a coma we were thrown straight into the apocalypse. With is series we see how things started and how the military tried to get involved. It's interesting to see reactions and what people would do to survive. It makes you seriously think about what you would do at the start of the apocalypse.

Would you believe it?
Would you think the army could control it?
Would you think the government had your best interests at heart?
How far would you go to protect your family?
What possessions would you want to save?

It's brilliant and thought provoking.

Many reviews said it was slow but to me that shows lack of imagination and lack of patience. Slow is good, it's real. Life is not constant action and this is based on what REAL people would do.

Brilliant stuff. No spoilers here. Cool.

[Graphic Novel] iZombie, Six Feet Under and Rising, Volume 3

New characters are introduced - The Dead Presidents. They seem kind of badass and cool, but I'm not 100% sure. The story is opening up and becoming more complicated and slightly tough to follow, although when you do follow, it's pretty good.
Gwen starts to remember how she became a zombie and this is pretty interesting.
I believe I have said this before, but I do love the art work.

[Graphic Novel] The Extinction Parade Volume 2: War by Max Brooks

I must be honest, I really like the idea of this series. Vampires think the zombie apocalypse is great as they aren't targeted, and they live a consequence free life as civilization falls. But they then realise their food source is on the verge of becoming extinct.
However, I really do feel like I can't connect with the two main women in this graphic novel. I find the story something that I don't remember much after I have read it.

Vampires do what they do best, and kill with their brute force and extreme strength. Turns out zombie blood isn't good when it comes in contact with vampire blood and the vampires feel that they are fighting a lost cause. They start to realise that this is not enough and that they need to use weapons. A sacred vampire army appear in order to save the day as the vampires fail at trying to eliminate the zombies with their bare hands by punching and kicking their brains. They find weaponry hard to figure out, as it is not something they are accustom to. Saying this, I wouldn't know how to use a gun either to be honest. Let's hope with some good tuition the fight can carry on.

New skills must be learnt and trust must be created in order to save the human race.

Monday, 24 October 2016

The Walking Dead Graphic Novel Volume #25, No Turning Back.

For a while now the zombies have taken a seat on the back burner. For the past few volumes they have not really been considered a threat, and I guess it just reflects that people are living their every day life like this now. People have gotten used to the apocalypse and this is how they are going to live. Zombies are not new or shocking anymore. Thus, the story has taken a different route now. After the Governor and Negan, the Whisperers are upon the group and they are the main threat now. Humans are a bigger threat than the walking dead.

Rick seems to be getting on a bit now. He seems weak, and vulnerable and his leadership is often questioned. He has aged relentlessly and I am wondering how many more wars he can fight. In this volume, he turns to Negan for advice on leadership. How things change eh?

[Television] The Walking Dead - Season 7, Episode 1 "The Day Will Come When You Won't Be"



If you have been following me for a while you can probably tell that I love Abraham and he is my favourite character of all time. I was totally in denial. I had a gut feeling he would go, but I kept shifting my thoughts onto Glenn. To me, it was between Abraham, Glenn and Daryl.

Okay, so, Abraham gets it straight in the head and manages his last one liner of the show - "suck my nuts." You tell him, Abe. I was gutted, of course. I mean, he wanted a family, he was bonding with Sasha, everything seemed to be going right for him.

However, I thought, 'at least Glenn gets to see his baby' (if Maggie is well and it all works out). But nope. That glimmer of hope was snatched away from me rather rapidly. So there's me, crying into my cereal and then Glenn says "I will find you" ??? Why not kick me in the face while you're at it. To be honest, I blame Daryl for Glenn's death. He should not have punched Negan in the face,

The table scene with a pregnant Sasha and a the glowing faces of new parents Maggie and Glenn hit me right in the feels. That was sob-my-heart-out material. They were supposed to grow old together, it wasn't like they died by accident. Their lives were cruelly snatched away by a bloke who looks slightly like my dad.

Negan is a mug. The writers are even meaner for taking two precious characters away from us. This was a tricky decision. It delivered the shock factor, and yes, Negan is the man that he was so hyped up to be - they really have portrayed him that way successfully (a cruel, cold-hearted, bumhole), But, Glenn has been there since episode one (or two?) it's a major decision that may have crap consequences.

By the way, I really thought Carl's arm was a goner.

I am still in shock, and could rant for ages. What an episode. How are they going to keep up to that standard?

Monday, 8 August 2016

Containment - Episode 4 "With Silence and Tears"

Bit of a slower episode to be honest,

Lex's girlfriend manages to make a phone and call him for all of 5 seconds.

Pregnant girl's boyfriend makes an agreement with Theo Green. Theo Green gets him inside in exchange for information. Turns out his two friends on the inside have died of the virus.

People are scared and Lex is worried about making Moral decisions.

Well.. let's see what happens tomorrow shall we?

Good episodes so far, I didn't expect much but the budget is good and it has potential.